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Quadpak is the Swedish-based manufacturer of pillow bag-in-box, Cheertainer™ bag-in-box, stand up pouches and other flexible packaging.

Located in Vӓrnamo, the heart of Sweden’s manufacturing sector, Quadpak has built a track record of success with its focus on locally made products that offer flexible packaging in form and function. In 2010, Quadpak joined the CDF alliance of bag-in-box companies. In 2013, CDF moved its manufacturing out of its plant in Switzerland to a consolidated facility with Quadpak in Sweden.

Quadpak’s business is based on innovation that results in highest quality, affordable bag in box products. Specializing in both pillow and cube-shaped bag manufacturing, Quadpak has a packaging solution for dairy, juice, wine and food, as well as the chemical and automotive industries. Quadpak’s products are now used to hold a wide range of both food and non-food products

Food Products

Non-Food Products

To provide its customers with a complete packaging solution, Quadpak has partnered exclusively with Propex, based in Denmark. With this approach, Quadpak’s customers get a single-source provider of bag-in-box packaging solutions.   From choosing components and machinery, to installing and servicing your finished system, Quadpak’s customers get the optimal solution, specific to their packaging requirements.