Pouch Packaging

Stand Up Pouch

Stand Up Pouches are flexible, spouted packages that stand erect by themselves on a shelf. Originally used primarily on retail shelves for foodstuffs, Stand Up Pouches are now sold to hold a wide range of products in the detergent, household products and industrial markets.

Quadpak specializes in stand up pouches for fluids that bring to consumers a high impact, economical and eco-friendly alternative to rigid packaging. Product managers charged with building brand through unique packaging have turned to Stand Up Pouches not only because of their visual appeal but due to their high level of performance and low impact on the environment.

With the Stand Up Pouch, consumers have all the benefits of the flexible” bag in box” concept- now without the box!

Pouch Packaging Benefits

  • Offers retailers sustainable packaging alternative
  • High visibility graphics and package design for increased shelf appeal
  • Airtight pouch ensures freshness and product safety
  • Post-consumer pouches can be completely emptied and flattened for minimum disposal
  • Film construction designed for superior strength with puncture resistant properties

Features that make a difference!

  • Center spout at top or bottom of pouch for quick dispense
  • Fills through the spout without specialised form fill seal equipment
  • Handle allows for easy carrying
  • Ships and stores flat minimising freight and warehousing cost
  • Manufactured on a web for high speed automatic fill line or single pouch as desired