Pillow Flexible Packaging

Pillow bag has long been used in the food, beverage and some industrial sectors. Quadpak, CDF’s manufacturing partner for the Scandinavian bag-in-box market, offers a wide range of pillow bags. From the traditional design, to the more bespoke, Quadpak is Scandinavia’s first choice for pillow bag-in-box packaging.

Recognised for its quality, the Quadpak brand brings assurance to dairy, food and industrial fluid producers who want the benefits of bag in box. To consistently meet a high level of service, Quadpak draws upon advanced performance technology and maintains a large inventory of materials. Customer service drives every aspect of operation from product design, to sampling, to fast turnaround production, to delivery throughout Europe. It is this level of detail that brings customers back time and time again.

Quadpak offers a wide range of pillow bags for use in bag in box packaging.

Pillow Bag Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Single bags or webbed for high speed filling lines
  • Wide range of sizes from 1-20 litre
  • Food grade raw film and fitments
  • Aseptic and Irradiated options
  • Bulk bags up to 1000 litre from CDF USA

Multiple Fitment Options

Taps & spouts, tamper evident valves, caps, tubes, connectors



Cooking oils

Dairy products








Wiper fluid

Cleaning products (non-hazardous)


Paints and coatings

Triangular Bag

The Triangular bag is a bespoke solution for viscose product that is hand dispensed. Used primarily in the baking sector these bags are made from food grade material and can be offered as an irradiated product suitable for dairy environments.